Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Expledge is an employment agency that works for the job seeker and not employers. We place people in full-time jobs by applying to hard jobs on your behalf directly for all companies and career websites.

Expledge applies to jobs at all companies to help you get you a job soon. We match your job requirements in job title, salary, location, and more. Expledge is committed to working with you until you accept a job offer.

Expledge corrects your resume mistakes and even churns out a new resume for you. We have the experience to make your resume stand out to employers and application tracking systems (ATS).

Expledge may get you big interviews that can help you develop the necessary interview skills to impress employers and get job offers.

Expledge has a simple and transparent fee. You only pay the fee if you accept a job offer from Expledge. Accepting a job offer from Expledge is optional. You would pay a small % of the first 12 months of your compensation and get a significant return because jobs provide you income.

To summarize, it would greatly benefit you to work with Expledge because we supplement your job search and may significantly ramp up your job search process by applying for more jobs, getting more interviews, and finding a job sooner.

The process Expledge uses to apply for jobs on your behalf is not much different than if you were to search for a job on your own. However, the results may be significantly different because you are working with a team focused on finding you a job as soon as possible.

By working with Expledge, you may:

  • Get more interviews.
  • Pass more interviews.
  • Find a job sooner.

Get more interviews

Expledge actively applies to jobs at all companies and career websites on your behalf so we may apply for more jobs than if you were to apply for jobs on your own. Expledge also applies to time-consuming job applications so your resume receives more visibility and you may get more interviews.

As a result, Expledge may get you more interviews than searching for a job by yourself.

Pass more interviews

You have more time to prepare for interviews so you are more likely to pass more interviews. Even if you apply for jobs on your own, you need to be prepared to pass the interviews that you receive.

Find a job sooner

Instead of searching for a job on your own, you are now working as a team. If things work out well, you would be receiving and passing more interviews. The end result is that you would find a job sooner.

Expledge charges a fee if we get you a job because we work for you and provide services to you. Naturally, you would pay us if we get you a job so our services are compensated for. We do not work for companies so they do not pay us.

The standard employment agency business model is to find a candidate that meets the employer’s requirements. Employment agencies work for the employer and not you. This is why other employment agencies stop speaking with you if you do not meet their job requirements. They need to continue their search for the right candidate.

We would also help you find a full-time job that generally offers financial stability, benefits (e.g. 401k options, health insurance), guaranteed work, and work visa sponsorship (if applicable).

Expledge cannot guarantee you interviews or job offers. So, you do not need to rely on Expledge for your job search and you may apply for jobs on your own. You are welcome to consider Expledge a supplement to your job search. However, we recommend that you focus on interview preparation if you have interviews lined up.

If Expledge does not get you a job then you do not pay a fee and the service is free. If Expledge gets you job offers but you do not accept any then there is no fee. All interviews are free whether or not you accept a job offer from Expledge.

No, Expledge would not put you on a payroll. Expledge would help you find a job at a company so you would be employed by the company and the company would pay you. You would have a direct relationship with the company. We are not a middle man.

Job search

Yes, Expledge helps people find specific job search requirements in job titles, job responsibilities, salary, company sizes, industry, locations, and work visa sponsorship.

Expledge would only apply for jobs that are relevant to your profile and job search requirements. When you receive the first interview, you are welcome to ask the employer any questions you may have to see if they meet your minimum requirements for your next job.

It may take 3 months to find a job if Expledge regularly gets you interviews and if you pass the interviews. However, it may take longer to find a job if we do not regularly receive and/or pass interviews.

If you require work visa sponsorship then some employers may not interview you. However, what matters is the employers that interview you. We may still find a job within a reasonable timeline if we get interviews from employers that are willing to sponsor.

Expledge is committed to helping you find a job. We will work with you as long as it takes to find a job whether it be 6 months, 12 months, or longer.

Expledge shares a Google Sheets where we list out the jobs we apply for daily. The jobs will include the company name, job title, location, and years of work experience.

You are welcome to share a list of companies for Expledge to avoid applying for.

The list of companies may include:

  • Companies that you already interviewed.
  • Companies that you are currently interviewing.
  • Companies that you will be referred to.
  • Companies you will apply to.
  • Companies that you previously worked at.

Expledge will share a Google Sheets with you of jobs that we already applied for. We will update the Google Sheets after we apply for the jobs. You can use the Google Sheets to avoid applying for jobs that we already applied for.

Google Sheets example:

Work visa sponsorship

Yes, Expledge works with people who need work visa sponsorship.

Expledge cannot know if employers sponsor work visas for a specific job. If you receive an interview invitation then simply ask the employer if work visa sponsorship is offered for the role. If work visa sponsorship is not offered then you may decline the interview.


Yes, Expledge offers a resume writing service for a fee. We would need to schedule a time and write the resume together over Google Docs. This may take 2 to 3 hours.

Otherwise, we may offer feedback for free so you can rewrite your resume on your own.

No, Expledge believes in being honest and accurate.

Expledge does not fake work experience on your resume nor do we recommend it. Also, we do not recommend rounding up your work experience such as 2.5 years to 3 years of work experience.

Instead of faking your work experience, we recommend that you work an unpaid internship if your schedule allows it. Unpaid internships count as work experience. Otherwise, building a portfolio of projects and adding them to your resume is a great way to stand out to employers and let them know that you have the potential to perform the job well.


No, Expledge does not offer interview preparation. Our objective is to get you a job as soon as possible so we apply to relevant jobs in all company sizes, industries, and locations. Each company and interviewer may interview differently.

However, the interviews that we get you can be used to improve your interview skills and confidence in passing interviews.

Unfortunately, Expledge cannot give you a direct answer on the number of interviews you may receive.

The number of interviews you receive will depend on the factors:
– The number of jobs we apply for.
– The number of locations we apply for.
– Years of relevant work experience.
– If you need work visa sponsorship.
– Employer demand to hire a candidate for the job.

Expledge may get you an interview after one week if your resume meets the requirements of the jobs that we apply for.

Salary negotiation

Yes, Expledge helps with salary negotiation. We can set up a call to figure out various strategies on how to negotiate a higher salary.