How to prepare for a screening call

The word ‘screening’ as it implies, refers to the first stage of the interview process. The purpose of a screening interview is to determine if candidates have the necessary qualifications for the role for which the employer is hiring. As such, it is imperative that you learn how to review and prepare for your screening […]

How to spot a fake/scam job posting?

Guarantees a job. A job description should not say that it is guaranteed because a legit company has expectations and qualifications that need to be met. A legitimate company may interview many candidates and may have multiple interviews. This is especially true for a high-paying job. You should not be able to receive a job […]

Why Young Professionals Should Use a One-page Resume

Your resume stands as the deal maker or breaker in making that first positive impression with a recruiter or hiring manager. As a candidate who is just about to start his/her career, you may feel the pressure to create a resume that summarizes all of your educational qualifications, skillsets, and achievements. However, the few pieces […]

Fundamentals for Building a Perfect Resume

Being a seasoned job hunter, you should already be having a couple of essentials in your file: Accolades and Awards, Business Cards, Certificates, Cover Letters, and of course, a well-formatted Curriculum Vitae. But would you care to keep up to date with the latest trend of Resumes being used doing rounds in the industry in […]