About Expledge

Expledge is a results-driven employment agency that directly places you in a full-time job at a great company.

There are 2 steps to getting a job. Step 1 is to apply for the right jobs and get interviews and step 2 is to prepare for and pass the interviews. Expledge takes care of step 1 by searching and applying for jobs on your behalf, helping you focus more on Step 2. By outsourcing your job search to Expledge, your job search is more efficient and you get more opportunities.

We review and apply for time-consuming jobs on your behalf to save you hours per day. Also, we reduce your fatigue from finding the right jobs, carefully reviewing the job descriptions, and filling out the job applications. We review your job search requirements and apply for jobs that you are looking for in job title, location, salary, work visa sponsorship, company size, and industry.

Expledge makes your resume stand out to the applicant tracking systems (ATS), recruiters, and hiring managers. We thoroughly review your resume, correct any mistakes, and even create a new resume for you. We restructure your resume so it becomes easier to read and more likely to be reviewed by a human.

We get you real interviews at real companies so you can get great practice, sharpen your interview skills, and pass more interviews. You have more time to review past interviews to address your weaknesses. We increase the number of good interviews you receive by applying for relevant jobs at all companies and career websites. You can hyperfocus on reviewing and practicing interview material.

Expledge is committed to working with you until you accept a job offer that you love.